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This is a post for those who already wrote a novel. Or are looking for ideas that currently sell. For those still working on their books, this is something you might want to use for future reference.

Here’s a list of Publishers who specilize mostly in online publishing. If you’re just starting, the world of e-books is much easier to conquere than that of real books. And as a plus, some ePublishers decide to publish their best authors in paperback. So why don’t you take a look at those names and see if you have a chance to get your work out there.

Atlantic Bridge Publishing offers 45% royalties. Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance, Horror, Sci/fi, Adventure, Mystery, Western, Historical, Mainstream, Young Adult, Children Books as well as Non-Fiction and Poetry. Submission guidelines.

Chageling Press pays 35% royalties. They publish Interludes and Novellas (up to 25000 words a piece) and concentrate mostly on Fantasy and Erotica. Submision Information.

Dead End Street Publications accepts fiction, non-fiction and screeplays. FAQ.

DLSIJ Press publishes mostly women writers and offers up to 45% royalties. They publish all kinds of genres both Fiction and Non-Fiction. Call for Submissions.

Echelon Press accepts all kinds of genres for their ebook section and if you meet their requirements you can have a shot at publishing a paperback with them. Guidelines.

ENC Press publishes “novels for grown-ups” that aren’t completely pollitically correct. Check here for details.

Fictionwise accepts only already published authors, but if you qualify you might as well check them out.

Flame Books is currently closed for submissions, however they promise to start accepting new work later this year. Stay tuned if you want to publish with them.

Loose Id specilized in erotica and romance with emphasis on alternative lifestyles. They offer 35% royalties. They also publish some of their contracted authors in print. Check the submission guidelines here.

Lulu.com is for those who don’t want to send out their cover letters and wait for some publishing house to decide they like what you write. They offer a complex service for everybody who wishes to publish themselves.

New Concepts Publishing publishes mostly romances, however you should give their submission guidelines a chance as you might find something for you there.

Samhain Publishing is always open to general submissions of all genres of romance and erotica, but if you’re writing in a different field you can check out their submissions page as they update it quite often (unlike some other publishing houses). They pay 40% of cover price for single ebook.

Torquere Press publishes only books about GLBT characters with strong romance overtones (although they do have a sistersite for heterosexual romances too). They offer from 25% to 35% royalties. Here are their submission guidelines.

Writer’s Exchange E-publishing Author will receive 60% of the retail download price if Author provided the work complete. If Writers Exchange E-Publishing is required to complete any cover-art on the Author’s behalf the royalties to the Author will drop to 50% to allow 10% to be paid to the cover artist. For illustrated books the author royalties will drop to 40% to allow 20% to the cover artist. Check here for details.

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I posted about this in mz other, sex, blog, but figured this also belongs here. So Im crossposting. Just this once.

The Internet is where the adult industry lives right now. Yes, there are movies. Yes, there are magazines. But when it comes to quantity and variety, there’s no better place to check.

Me, personally, I’m a big fan of porn. But the subtle type of porn. Too explicit and it stops being erotic for me and becomes more of a turn off.
That might be a reason why, when I discovered it, I fell in love completely with erotic fiction.

English language is a beautiful one and when used right, the words can create an extremely HOT image. Porn, in its written form, leaves everything to your imagination. And depending on a skill of the author and how explicit he or she chooses to be, you can find whatever you’re in mood at the moment.

There are few places online where you can get a lot of porn. Some written by great, already published writers. But I have favourite four publishers that I visit quite often.

Loose Id and their ever present lizard Loowis(come to think of it, that might’ve sounded a bit dirty). They offer a very wide range of settings. From vampires to cowboys, from time travel to historical. They tip their fingers in BDSM, Polyamory, full-figured heroines and boys who love boys.
They also offer paperback versions of some of their books. Their motto is Love Unleashed™

Titles I would recommend are:
Georgina’s Dragon by Willa Okati especially if you like a hot girl on guy on guy action. And if to believe both, the summary and the cover art… We are talking really hot book.
Adrien English Mysteries by Josh Lanyon for some great gay detective stories. Writtenfrom a Point of View of the main character, JOsh draws a really hot image. Of both crime and sex.
Dangerous Cravings by Evangeline Anderson in case you, like me, are into BDSM. Here a main character is a great homicide detective. But as the undercover operation starts, she proves she’s even a better slave.

Torquere Press is another one online publishers. Their ebooks vary in lenght. From short stories to nevoles. From one shot books to serials. But the writing is always amazing and incredibly hot. Their books are not always XXX rated. They also offer Young Adults books. But if you’re there for sex. You can pick from a lot of categories. Gay, horror, drama and many other. My picks?

DrawingCloser by Jane Davitt who offers an intimate journey with British professor and his younger student. There’s drama, there’s conflict and writting at it’s finest. You won’t be disappointed.
Cowboy Up, edited by Rob Knight is an anthology. As they say; “Save a horse, ride a cowboy”. In this case, a sexy, stubborn and independant cowboy. But un the end… It’s all worth it.
A Gentleman of Substance by Julia Talbot offers a bit of a historical take on your porn. With romance and hot sex between the two of the main characters it’s all one might want.

Samhain Publishing for me is really the IT place if you’re looking for a good, hot ebook. Not only they offer both ebooks and print versions of their books, but they also run regular contests that offer you a chance to win some of the books and prints. They offer everything, from Chick Lit to Urban Fantasy, from Interracial Romance to Red Hots! Must read?

“The Life and Loves of April Johnson” by Eve Vaughn. Everything about a love triangle you love, with a stunning black girl smacked in the middle of it all. Simply hot.
“Taste This” by Leigh Ellwood. Which is basically a sci-fi orgy. Oh, there is plot too. But since I was reading it in between cold showers I cannot say much about it. *g*
“The Adventures of Ransom & Fortune: A Bend In Time” by Michelle Miles. Time travel sex baby! “A girl…a hit man…and a time machine.” And boy, it’s nicely done. Plus, you know, time travel *heee*

Changeling Press on the other hand is all about sex out of this world. You get vampires, shapeshifters, angels, demons, witches, elves and dragons. And it’s not even covering the half of it. The imagination of the authors over there simply has no limits. If you think you know a lot abput sex… You are wrong. They prove it over and over again.

Wild Ride by Willa Okati is indeed a wild ride. And doesn’t even stop within one gendre. Oh no, that wouldn’t be enough. Just like you won’t have enough of this title.
Soul Mates by Marilyn Lee is an erotic tale of two peoplethree times in three different lifetimes. Not only it gets great reviews, but it deserves each and every one of them.
The Water Witch by Ciarra Sims. Damn, this one is great. It’s what The XFiles were always afraid to do. And something that would get them billion dollars’ fees. But damn, it would be worth it.

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