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Our very own Random Prompt Generator remains one of the most popular posts ever since it was published. And I’m really thrilled that you’re finding it useful and inspiring. But in my quest to provide you with all the writing help possible I have for you yet another way to push your muse and your writing to a whole new level.

Our Prompt Generator was designed to inspire you, give you ideas and maybe look at simple words from a new perspective. Recently, I have stumbled upon a writing exercise written in the same script as our own generator. It however offers you more of a challenge and makes you pay attention to slightly different things.

Writing Exercise Generator

Created by Syrenslure the generator offers a technical parameter (period of time or a wordcount), a style or a character parameter, and a word or phrase for inspiration.

All you need to do now is start writing. Go on, I dare you! Respond to the prompt given to you by the generator and comment with a link (or email me your story if you’re shy *g* I promise to be nice).

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I was researching methods of breaking The Writer’s Block when I came across an old post of mine archived on my HDD. I refreshed it, added new things and tweaked it a little to fit my purpose.

And now I’m proud to present you with the NEW AND IMPROVED

The Almost Totally Random Prompt Generator

With over 100 prompts suitable for drama, comedy and romance

Yes, I do realize that sounded like a sales pitch. But let’s get serious for a moment. The reason why all those ‘Daily Prompts’ sitres are so popular is the fact that challenges like that are really helpful.

I’m not saying treat the generator seriously. But let it inspire you.
The prompts there differ. You might get a one word prompt and you can get a whole sentence or a phrase. Give it some thoughts. Humor yourself by asking how this prompt could be turned into a story.
I guarantee you’ll have fun and who knows, maybe you’ll create something spectacular.

NOTE: The generator was designed to help with short stories and novellas. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be inspired to write a book after clicking few times and getting more than one prompt.

Remember. The only thing that limits you here is your imagination.

If you have prompts that should be included in the generator please contact me 🙂

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